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7 Night Cruise Eclectic Aegean

Discover the dazzling diversity and historic treasures of the glorious Greek Islands and the Eastern Mediterranean. Blessed with stunning scenery, shimmering emerald bays, dramatic cliffs and fascinating architecture, this 7-night cruise is a full-filled and fascinating adventure you do not want to miss.

Experience the vibrant markets of Istanbul, savor the rich flavors and aromas of the Cyclades and discover the rich history and fascinating legends of mythical gods and centaurs.




Breathtaking panoramas await you on your Eclectic Aegean 7-night odyssey. Before heading out to sea, take the time to explore the sprawling capital of Athens and step back in time across more than three millennia. Clustered around its landmark 5th Century BC Acropolis are many histrorically important archaeological sites. And as you wait to board, enjoy the captivating ambience by the harbour’s edge.

DAY 2-3



The enchanting capital city of Istanbul is split between the continents of Europe and Asia, and iffers a truly unique experience. The city’s skyline is embellished with the silhouetted minarets of the lavish Byzantine and imperial mosques that line the Bosphorus Strait. Our complimentary cruise along the Bosphorus or visit to the spice market to experience the sights, smells and sounds of this enigmatic city.




The Turkish seaport city of Canakkale is famously known as the gateway to the histroic Gallipolli WWI battlefields and the legendary site if ancient Troy. Gracing the entrance to the UNESCO-listed ruins is the iconic wooden Trojan horse tha can also be admired from Canakkale’s scenic waterfront promenade. Take your time to explore the cobbled lanes and enjoy a beverage in the trendy bars and cafes.




Thessaloniki’s ancient ruins rooted in the middle of the city create a rich tapestry sewn with a Roman Agora, the Arch of Galerius, the Rotonda, the Byzantine Baths and the Crypt of Agios Demetrios together with the neoclassical architecture and the impressive Aghia Sofia. The city also has a reputation for its sumptuous culinary delights and delicious pastries.




The attractive and picturesque coastal port city of Volos is associated with many captivating tales of Greek mythology. It’s the mythical home of Jason and the Argonauts, and the birthplace of the Centaur. The most popular attraction, however, are the six spectacular monasteries that are perched high on the magnificent vertical rock formations collectively known as Meteora. You have to see it to believe it.




The romantic charm of Santorini is one of the most celebrated Greek islands in the Aegean. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the magical villages of Fira and Oia and photograph the whitewashed houses and blue-blue-domed churches perched on caldera cliffs. With extraordinary from an elevated postion, this idyllic island is the perfect location to watch the sunset.




Our cruise arrives back in Athens early where you will have the entire day to explore the magic of this modern metropolis. The heart of ancient Greece is the cultural home to numerous important archaeological sites and famous landmarks. Take your time to discover the highlights, or alternatively uncover the colourflul street art or relax on the gorgeous golden-sand beaches.


An all-inclusive cruise Vacation in the Mediterranean with Celestyal Cruises is not only an adventure to romantic destinations but a scintillating gastronomic journey as well. Our highly trained team of chefs lovingly prepare a delectable choice of exquisite recipes using fresh, local ingredients gathered as we travel.

We pride ourselves on introducing our guests to international cuisine blended with Greek gastronomy. Treat yourself to three wholesome meals a day served to the highest standards, and place your orders for specific dietary requirements with our staff.


Our unlimited drinks package gives you access to a range of classic drinks for you to enjoy morning, noon and night. With unlimited privileges to alcoholic and non-alcoholic, you are free to enjoy your favorite tipples in our ambient lounges, around the pool, watching the sunset from the deck.


Our cruise itineraries feature romantic shore excursions that boast some of the most iconic archaeological sites and idyllic landscapes in the world. To make the most of your cruise experience, we have selected the most fascinating onshore excursions for you to discover at each destination. Classic attractions such as ancient Ephesus, the Minoan Palace of Knossos, and the pyramids of Giza are included in the cost of the cruise!

Each of our shore excursions has been carefully handpicked with the help of our certified guides. We take great pride in delivering an authentic experience and guarantee our onshore excursions introduce you to the culture, history and magical charm of the Eastern Mediterranean.


With an extensive daily program of onboard entertainment, we promise you will have a fun-filled experience during your time with us. And you may even discover a new passion! Why not unleash your creativity and unwind with an interactive art and crafts lesson, learn to dance the Sirtaki, Kalamatianos and Ballos or take a Greek language class and practice your new skills with the locals at the next port.

We also have a host of fun activities including bingo, keep fit and sports activities, and Zumba classes. And you won’t want to miss our skilled chef’s performing live demonstrations of how they prepare the delicious recipes from our buffet and a la carte menu.


Cruise gratuities can put a serious dent in your vacation budget so when you sail with us all your port fees, service charges and crew gratuities are already included with the cost of your ticket.

The Cruise is designed to enrich your cruise experience so you can enjoy your cruise experience from start to finish. Our principal concern is to ensure you have a wonderful vacation and our all-inclusive offer enables you to plan and manage your vacation budget with confidence.

We have carefully handpicked a selection of classic drinks to choose from including beers, house wines, non-alcoholic cocktails, spirits, soft drinks, exotic teas and coffee, and a special variety of delicious Greek beverages.